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Footprints picked me back off the floor and carried me when I could not carry myself any longer. The Staff at Footprints were patient and understanding of everything I was going through and experiencing in early sobriety, they guided me and helped show me how to love myself again. Thanks to the time I spent there as a client, my life is totally different today. I can be a daughter to my parents, a friend to my friends. I can be a mother to my three children, whom I now have back in my home. Most of all, I can remain true to myself and have tools to use to stay sober and happy 24 hours at a time every day for the rest of my life if I continue to do what Footprints and the fellowship have taught me. 

Destiny A.

Before entering Footprints to Recovery I could not manage my own life. I did not have a job and my children were not involved in my life. I lost my self-worth, and I had lost sight of my morals and values. Since coming to Footprints: I have obtained a career, my children are actively involved in my life, and I have gained my self-worth back. I value my recovery and who I am today, thanks to Footprints. 

 Carla P.

I am a drug addict and an alcoholic. The disease of alcoholism caused me to lose everything worthwhile in my life. I was a desperate man who had lost all hope. I had nowhere to turn, so I contacted Footprints and asked for help. Footprints has offered me the ability to gain some structure in my life and develop friendships with the men in the house who are also trying to recover from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. I am grateful to stay in a safe environment that provides a chance for growth. 

 Thomas P.

I came to Footprints to Recovery in September of 2019. I was terrified coming directly from a 30-day rehab to the office, instead of going home. It was nothing like I expected. I walked into a beautiful home and was met with a lady that was about my age with blue hair. She had the most positive reassuring vibe, and I knew at that moment everything was going to be ok. In my time at footprints, I had some breakthroughs that I was unable to have the other recovery homes I had been to. I had been labeled a rapid relapser. I just could not seem to get it before. Footprints had just the right balance of structure and freedom to let me choose life and recovery and feel good about myself. Everyone has their own path to walk, everyone’s recovery looks different, but having a solid support system to walk with you through my individual journey was amazing. I secured a job and held it my entire stay. I was able to spend time with my son on a regular basis and I reconnected with the child I had lost in my addiction. My family welcomed me back with open arms after years when they saw my progress. They were extremely impressed when they came to visit me at my footprints home. This is also where I completed my relapse prevention, and codependency classes. The staff is amazing. I am now living on my own with both of my children and still get encouraging phone calls and messages from them. I made a lot of friends and my forever network of sober sisters.

Samantha W.

I truly believe Footprints was and still is my saving grace. It is my home and for the first time I feel like I belong. I can share my experience, strength, and hope with so many ladies. It is so true that they say we do not ever have to be alone again. I have struggled a lot through this program due to my unwillingness to surrender. Over a year ago I finally surrendered. I re-entered Footprints with 4 months clean. During my time here in Nashville, I have lived in the transitional house, the step-house, and now reside in one of the sober living houses. I have truly grown up at Footprints. I was a scared little girl and Footprints believed in me. My life today is so much different than before. I have self-respect and I am proud of myself and my achievements. I owe it all to Footprints to Recovery.

Lindsey R.


Footprints has completely changed my life! Before coming to the program, I was a bit hesitant. I had never lived in a recovery residence before, but through this program I have gotten my life back. I am closer with my family, I have gained trust back, and overall am a better person than I ever thought I could be. This program saved my life!

Kinnedy E. 

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