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Our Staff

Footprints believes in hiring those with lived experience to provide the best quality peer support. 


Whitnie Clawson, Intake Coordinator

Whitnie entered Footprints in 2021 as a client . She graduated the program and transitioned into one of our step-up houses. She became a house manager for one of our women's houses and remained in the position for over a year. She has stayed dedicated to her recovery and joined as a staff member to continue her desire to give back to those who suffer from the disease of addiction. Whitnie is passionate about sharing her experience with others and making a difference. 


Michelle, Alumni Services/Outreach

Michelle was one the original women to reside at Footprints!  16 years later she remains dedicated  to engaging with residents, navigating their needs and walking alongside them through their experiences. Michelle is a beacon of light to those she serves. She is extremely dedicated and loyal to recovery and those who seek it. Michelle is forever a member of the Footprints family. 


Stephanie Smith, Peer Support

Stephanie's journey at Footprints began as a client. She graduated the program in 2020 and was promoted to house manager the same year. She has remained a house manager of our women's house and currently lives in our women and children's house with her daughter. Through recovery Stephanie has been able to reconnect with her family and give back to others through various forms of service work. She continues to stay involved in the recovery community and has been a great asset to the Footprints family for over 4 years. 

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