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Things you should know....

Footprints to Recovery is a sober living recovery residence environment that is dedicated to the 12-Step recovery programs of various Anonymous groups and the spiritual principles in which they advocate. Men and women will learn to live in a responsible and productive manner in and outside of their respective communities and households and to maintain a full and joy filled life within the bounds of  recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Relapse Prevention class

The staff at Footprints to Recovery takes you through a relapse prevention workbook and they teach you how to handle real-life situations without having to turn to drugs and alcohol for a solution.

Co-Dependency Class

We take an interactive approach to teaching the women how to develop healthy boundaries in relationships.


Non-Refundable Entrance Fee


Men's Weekly Fee

$190/$205 per week

Women's Weekly Fee

$200/$235 per week

Women & Children's Fee

$235 per week

Entrance Fee plus 1st week's program fee is required upon entry.


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